Bridging Manufacture

Digitalized in Future

Digital Manufacturing

The Industry Revolution


From the shop floor to management, we can help you improve every facet of the manufacturing operation approach from targeted enhancement to a complete reinvention of the capabilities; we provide domain engineering expertise between manufacture and digital data sectors to diagnostics and benchmarks the best applicable practices the value to you builds toward your long-term vision. The Manufacture digital engineering solution is the bridge of the digital transformation start with industry demanded with foundational business process strategies; therefore, you can be embraced digitalization faster and more productivity then your competitors.

Digital Transformation for Engineering and Project Business

The digital engineering and project management with the unique challenges that come with selling a complex project through from tendering, project quotation inquiry and execution that involves full package project and service that can be an invoice in a myriad of ways follows service that you may need from us in further

Project tender digital data transformation

• Project specification and exception digital data
• Bill of material list digital data for the tender project
• Project commercial proposal digital data
• Tender Proposal Digital Data Base

Project execution digital transformation

• Digitalised project man hour control dashboard
• Digitalised project cost control dashboard
• Digitalised project execution plan dashboard
• Digitalised project report dashboard

Project engineering and operation digital data

• Digitalised engineering / operation design data
• Digitalised engineering / operation sub-contractor data
• Digitalised engineering / operation progress data
• Digitalised engineering / operation material data

Procurement digital data

• Digitalised procurement data
• Digitalised buyer & vendor data
• Digitalised buyer & vendor quotation data
• Digitalised store material data

Project cost control digital data

• Digitalised project cost data
• Digitalised project cost analysis data
• Digitalised project cost estimate data

company digital data system&APP Cloud work platform

• ompany own business APP for Cloud workstation
• Company own products APP for Cloud salesforce
• Company own operation Cloud management